Sunday, January 5, 2014

A New Story Begins...

In a few short days my family and I will board the MV Explorer for a four-month international adventure--an experience we are thrilled, excited and deeply grateful for.  Even though this will be our second voyage with Semester at Sea (Summer 2011) we are prepared to be shocked, surprised and completely blown away by the unknown stories that lie before us.  Semester at Sea is an educational dream come true--literally a floating university filled with university students, faculty, staff and crew from around the world.  We will be visiting 12 countries as a community of learners passionate about global citizenship, social responsibility and our shared humanity.  I will be the drama professor on the ship and will use this blog to share my experiences, research and thoughts with friends, family, students and our wonderful Anne Frank Project community.  I am off to finish packing.

Amahoro (Peace)

SAs Spring 2014 Itinerary

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